Northern Productions Website Redesign

Geoff Chan


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The Client

Northern Productions is a 30-year-old custom display and event marketing company. They use creativity and ingenuity to provide memorable experiences for their clients.

Northern Productions' logo

Northern Productions' logo

The Ask

We were asked to design and execute a complete redesign of their website. They also needed a custom CMS solution to manage their content.

Memorable UX through movement and animation

Memorable UX through movement and animation

The Design

We focused on a clean, elegant, and bold style to convey professionalism as well as communicate Northern Productions' established presence in the industry. We wanted visitors to be encouraged to click around and learn more about the company through the inspiration of animations, transitions, and engaging content.

A beautifully designed responsive experience

A beautifully designed responsive experience

The Solution

SEO and user experience were the two most important elements for this project. We decided on a React + NextJS stack because of the benefit of server-side rendering, and the opportunity to build a scalable and memorable experience efficiently. NextJS sits on top of Netlify CMS to provide an easy way for the Northern Productions team to update their content, add new case studies, and ultimately take control over all of their website experience without developer intervention.

Bold and memorable

Bold and memorable

The Result

You can check out the final product at

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Sasha JacobGeneral Manager

Northern Productions

Stackfive is a fully capable and easy to work with organization that cares about the quality of work they pump out.