JavaScript Discord Bot Boilerplate and CLI

Jordan McRae


2 min

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We're pleased to announce the beta launch of our open-source JavaScript Discord Bot boilerplate and CLI tool! We're looking for feedback and contributions and would love to hear from you on the Github discussion board.

Why We Created It

Our team creates custom Discord bots for many of our internal and client processes. Building custom integrations in Discord gives us the flexibility to quickly access data around our day-to-day processes, as well as create powerful tooling to enhance our developer experience. Some examples of this include real-time status updates on articles that our team collaborates on, code reviews, and even team raffles and giveaways. Since we create so many, we wanted a way to quickly launch new bots and cut down on our development time.

How It Works

After a few iterations, we simplified the setup process as much as we could:

1) We click the "use this template" button on the boilerplate repo

Use this template!

Use this template!

2) We run yarn to install dependencies

3) We run npx discord-bot to kick off the CLI tool and set our project up

The CLI tool

The CLI tool

The CLI tool has some powerful functionality built-in:

  • We can set up our bot environment
  • We can install the bot on our Discord server
  • We can generate a slash command with all of the supported Discord types, and even pre-define options that are available to the user
  • We can generate event listeners for all of the supported Discord events
  • We can deploy all of our commands to Discord, and run our bot

The Roadmap

This boilerplate is still in beta, but we plan on releasing modal builders, button and interaction builders, a TypeScript boilerplate, and much more.

If you're curious about how Discord bots work and want to learn more, please feel free to reach out to our team, or contact me on Twitter.